Here's My Next Project.

It's not a film

but a book!


I am most fascinated when hearing about your "stories" from 30 years of film making and taking the road less traveled . . . . The sheer courage and guts and faith it takes to do what you did. The anguish, fights and tears, the losses and gains, the not knowing, the defending to the end your way of doing it, against all odds, listening only to your own voice, not the world's. You are in short amazing, and that is what I want to hear about. This amazing story.



A Memoir of How Art and  Spirit Met

As you may know, I am an EMMY Award-winning filmmaker, and I have finished my 10th documentary.


 Now I am being asked by fans and friends, "What's next?” 


Many have encouraged me to write a memoir, a book about my 30 years of filmmaking and how I did it as an independent. Those who have followed my career or who know my films and the stories of their making are encouraging me to share with others my journey.

 My path to making films was inspired by my desire and commitment to be a "certain kind" of filmmaker —  to be an individual creator of art that followed a spiritual path, that followed my own Light and not that of reputation, fame or riches.

And my memoir will share incredible stories of how Spirit met art through a flowing creativity that led me to discover my true self.

What did it take to become a committed, itinerant filmmaker of longevity? How did I seek after stories that called to me? Why did it take boldness and courage to finish my films and persevere no matter what? Where did a life of filmmaking take me? I want to share with readers the answers to those questions and the inspiring, fascinating quest that led me to many faraway places,  strange subcultures and unknown histories.  

This "road less traveled" was never far from the wonderful, the mysterious, the amazing.

I have thought of a title for my memoir:  DISCOVERING FILMMAKING AS SPIRITUAL PRACTICE.  When I began making films, I made a clear choice, a spiritual choice, one that would frame my every move, my every film, my every dream of making a film. I cultivated a lifestyle — listening to Spirit, to instincts, knocking on strangers' doors, taking bold risks, living a Faith-walk that I believed was God-led. 


I have been blessed doing what I  love -- making documentaries, thanks to three decades of faithful fans and supporters who have believed in me and have helped fund my film projects.   


I am seeking funds, gifts or grants to allow me to dedicate my time for the next six or seven months to writing this book. My monthly survival will depend on these gifts. A literary agent has already agreed to receive my book proposal and advise me as to the path to take to get the book published.


With funding assistance, your gift will allow me to turn my life's work into a book for film students and film teachers, film lovers, for artists and fine art students, and for anyone seeking to understand how one's vocation can become a spiritual practice.

Here's how you can help:


  • Make a one time donation of $50 or more. Or whatever you can give. Any amount is appreciated.


  • Make a one-time gift of $50 or more, followed by monthly gifts for six months. Or whatever you can give a month. Any amount is appreciated.

  • Connect with a funder  or grantor you know and share my book project, asking for that person's support on my behalf.

Your gifts can be sent via my PayPal account. (Send to Be sure to select "send to family/friends" to avoid fees. 

Or if you prefer, checks made out to me can be sent directly to my current address:

Stephanie Castillo

64895 Ahele Dr.

Kapaa, HI 96746

Please call me with questions at (808) 383-7393.  

With deep gratitude, your gift and kindness to me are cherished and welcomed. I promise to send you a copy of the book or a download for your Kindle when it is published. 


With warmest regards, Stephanie

 FYI, above on the right side is an excerpt from my book's Introduction, my resume and my filmography.These will tell you more about me, my book project and my filmic life. Thank you very much for your kind attention and for considering how you might help.